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The Financial Model

Grassroots Community Funding

Bodhi Village is primarily grass-roots funded and operated by an up-front fees model. In order to ensure long-term affordability, we have created a funding model whereby residents pay 5 years' fees up front and are given a life-time cap on increases. This fee includes rent, utilities, housekeeping, bi-lingual support and connections to transportation and other services, access to local wellness activities, and assistance with nearby medical resources. Each of the 10 apartments is just under 500 square feet and has either a private balcony or patio. Couples have the option to make two apartments into one if there are two side-by-side. Bodhi Village also offers a 22 meter lap pool,  a rooftop patio with beautiful views of the lake and mountains, and a small shared garden. The 5-year upfront amount is $65,000 for each apartment. There may be some flexibility for those who do not qualify for this option. There are also investor options for those who prefer this type of strategy over the up-front monthly fee model.

The Financial Model: About Us
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